Terms and Conditions can be downloaded as a pdf or be read below.

These terms and conditions are valid for all quotations and contracts of Soreh Writes. Any deviations have to be agreed upon in writing. Dutch law is applicable to the Terms and Conditions.

In case of any disputes, a Dutch court will determine the outcome. If any of these terms and conditions are not conforming with Dutch law, only the those specific parts will be not applicable.

  1. If contractor/client stops the contract before completion, the whole amount will become due immediately regardless if Soreh Writes started any work.
    1. Only if contract is stopped within 24 hours and no work has been started, this clause is not effective.
    1. If there is a long-term contract/relationship, a cancelation period of 3 months is required.
  2. If Soreh Writes is unable to meet any deadline, this does not deem a termination of the contract. Contractor/client shall first contact Soreh Writes and give a reasonable new deadline to still deliver the work.
  3. All invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoices being sent.
  4. If client/contractor chooses to not publish the work, all invoices (or agreed upon amount) will still be due in 14 days.
  5. Soreh Writes owns the copyright to all work until all invoices are paid in full.
  6. Soreh Writes owns copyright unless otherwise agreed upon.
  7. Soreh Writes is not liable, under any circumstances, to any other party, including the contractor/client, for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from or concerning any submission (content).
    1. This includes any messages/emails sent by Soreh Writes on behalf of client/contractor to client’s/contractor’s social media followers or email recipients.
    1. If a Dutch court decides that Soreh Writes is liable, any liability will be limited to the invoice amount of the delivered work.
  8. Soreh Writes is not responsible for any damages etc. due to anyone misunderstanding the content or anything missing in the content.
  9. Clients are responsible for all content once Soreh Writes delivers it to them. Clients should review the content and fact check it before publishing and/or sharing it with anyone.
  10. Soreh Writes has the right to use all content created as examples for future clients, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  11. Quotes are only valid for 2 months after the quote was given.
  12. Included revisions are only valid for 2 months after the first draft is delivered.
  13. In case of any disputes, conflicts will be decided upon by a court in The Netherlands.
  14. In case of non-payment, these will be the following steps taken by Soreh Writes to retrieve payment(s): make sure the payment term is correct, call the client/contractor, send a payment reminder, send a letter of formal notice, charge collection costs and statutory interest, make a payment arrangement, engage a debt collection agency, bailiff, or debt collection lawyer, use other legal remedies, reclaim non-recoverable VAT, and more. Soreh Writes will follow the process outlined by the Dutch government.
  15.  Content is only to be used by the contractor/client for the agreed publications, and only if all invoices have been paid on time and in full.
  16.  In case of late payment, the work of the contract/quote that is overdue and all previous work cannot not be used until payment.
  17.  Client/contractor is not allowed to sell and/or lend any work produced by Soreh Writes unless there is written approval from Soreh Writes.
  18.  Use and/or reproduction of work without written permission will be considered violation of Dutch copyright law(s). Any violations will be incur a fee of 300% of the contract/quote or normal rate, and loss of income, and any profits by client/contractor.
  19. In case off liquidation, bankruptcy or closure of client/contractor, the license to use the product will stop immediately unless otherwise agreed upon.
  20. Terms and conditions of contractor/client are not valid unless otherwise agreed upon.